Sleep Resources

Take advantage of our decades of experience with featured content on sleep resources. Get tips on mattress shopping, care for your investment, information on creating an ideal sleep environment, and more. 

Sleep Resources

Mattress Care

Give your mattress set good, solid support with a proper frame. Use a good quality, protective mattress pad to keep your mattress fresh and sanitary.

Do You Need a New Mattress?

A 1996 survey revealed that although consumers widely believe that a good mattress is important to sleep, health and preventing back problems, they tend to hold onto their mattress until it is well past its prime and actually disrupting sleep.

Ideal Sleep Environment

If you're not sleeping well at night, your mattress or your bedroom could be to blame. Your sleep environment plays a significant role in the quality and quantity of rest you get.

History of Sleep

10,000 years ago, in the Neolithic period, people began sleeping on primitive "beds." 3400 BCE - Egyptian pharaohs discover the benefits of raising a pallet off the earth. King Tutankahmen had a bed of ebony and gold. Common people slept on palm bows heaped in the corner of their home.

Ultimate Sleep Tips

The sleep set is literally the foundation of your sleep. But beyond your investment in the mattress, it's important to make an overall commitment to sleep.