Crescendo Gel


Initial price is for twinXL mattress only

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Brand: Jonathan Stevens
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Subtle differences define the variations of personal choice for comfort. Are you a Crescendo or a Harmony?

Crescendo and Harmony both start with the highest quality base foams to give a firm groundwork. The next layer of premium plush foam is where they start to diverge. If you like a sturdy, compact feel- Crescendo is for you. It is still topped with three inches of high quality, gel-swirl memory foam to cradle you while you sleep, with a subtle progression towards firmness.

Completing the experience is our MicroTencel knit cover with Lycra. The four-way stretch provides more comfortable ‘give’ and better recovery while the soft MicroTencel yarn is not only eco-friendly, it also inhibits bacteria growth and wicks away heat and moisture. More information here.

Feature #1

Memory foam provides contoured comfort with the ultimate in pressure relieving support. 

Feature #2

Gel fully permeates the cell structure of the foam for a highly breathable surface with superior cooling properties.

Feature #3

The best of both worlds for luxurious, restorative sleep.

Height: 12"