Serenade Gel


Initial price is for twinXL mattress only

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Brand: Jonathan Stevens
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The Serenade balances support and comfort with progressive body cradling that relieves pressure and tension.

Each layer of the Serenade gets increasingly firmer, allowing the first 3” of our fast-recovery Cool-Gel Swirled memory foam to provide you with a denser, cooler sleeping surface, which gives the ultimate in pressure relief. Each subsequent layer gets slightly firmer to offer the support your body needs for rejuvenating sleep.

Our cover features a stretch fabric composed of absorbing MicroTencel fibers, which allows the Serenade mattress to conform while providing a higher level of breathability and medium firm support. More information here.

Feature #1

Memory foam provides contoured comfort with the ultimate in pressure relieving support. 

Feature #2

Gel fully permeates the cell structure of the foam for a highly breathable surface with superior cooling properties.

Feature #3

The best of both worlds for luxurious, restorative sleep.

Height: 10"