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Brand: Jonathan Stevens
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The best of both worlds, with a luxury firm feel.

We start with a firm supporting 8” base of 1.8# density foam. Then we add 2” of our fast-recovery Cool-Gel Swirled memory foam for body cradling comfort and superior pressure relief. You also get the added benefit of our Stay Fresh® technology that helps the mattress maintain its freshness for the life of the product. We top it off with 2 more inches of firm, buoyant latex. Made in the USA from 100% pure latex, this comfort layer offers instant recovery and is self-ventilating and moisture regulating for cool sleep when it’s warm and warm sleep when it’s cold.

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Feature #1

100% latex with outstanding elasticity and instant recovery that is certified by OKEO-TEX and TFI-Germany to meet health and environment requirements.

Feature #2

Gel Swirl Viscoelastic Foam is breathable and has reinforced cell structure for unsurpassed durability.

Feature #3

Stay Fresh® technology to for maintained freshness and no odor absorption.

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Height: 13"