Third Degree - Select World-Class Cotton Sheets


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Brand: DreamFit
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Sheet set includes an extra-large top sheet, a patented self-tailoring fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Fine woven sheets made of select 100% cotton from the world’s best varieties.

Features & Benefits:

  • Silky Sateen Weave
  • Guaranteed To Fit & Guaranteed To Stay On™.
  • One-Year Limited Warranty Covers Workmanship & Material Defects

Sheet Set Includes:

  • An Extra Large Flat Sheet
  • A Patented Fitted Sheet
  • Two Pillowcases

Available Colors: Celadon, Dark Cocoa, Soft Linen, Dusk, White, Taupe

DreamFit™ Luxury Sheets are Guaranteed to Fit™ and Guaranteed to Stay On™

All DreamFit™ sheet lines are made with the following quality features: Patented DreamFit™ Guaranteed to Fit™ Guaranteed to Stay On™ construction fits any sized mattress. High performance elastic sewn around entire sheet- 4X wider and 20X stronger than standard elastic. Patented strap design guarantees your DreamFit™ fitted sheet will stay put even with the addition of feather beds, mattress toppers or foam. 1-Year warranty covers workmanship & material defects.

We had quality in mind when we crafted our Seven Degree line. DreamFit™ combines high-quality materials with patented technology for your most comfortable sleeping experience. And you can choose the level of luxury and comfort right for you. Our lines run from essential sheet sets to elite bedding. With seven different degrees, we can offer you exactly what you need- sheets that are perfect for your lifestyle. Each DreamFit™ sheet will fit your mattress with tailor-made precision. Our patented DreamFit™ construction ensures that your sleep is never disturbed by a fitted sheet that won’t stay put…and our patented strap design guarantees that your DreamFit™ sheet will stay snug on any depth mattress.

DreamFit™ uses only the finest materials: world-class cotton—Egyptian, Pima, American Supima. We take these ultra-soft, breathable fibers and weave them into the smoothest, softest finishes. One touch and you will understand the difference.