Jonathan Stevens Mattress Co. has been building a reputation for manufacturing high quality mattresses since 1945. Since 1985, we have been providing quality hotels with the same high quality that we offered to the general public. Today we have representatives working with hotels and motels throughout the Midwest to provide a unique two-sided mattress that complies with the highest standards of the hotel industry. As a matter of fact, we supply four of the top four-star properties in Michigan (there are no five star hotels in Michigan). If you have stayed in downtown Grand Rapids, several of the major ski resorts, anything around the Bay Harbor area, or at many of the rooms on Mackinaw Island, you probably have slept on a Jonathan Stevens hotel mattress.

We have decided to offer these two-sided mattresses to the general public and now have three models on display in our showrooms. These are two-sided mattresses, so keep in mind that they will cost more than our one-sided comparable models due to the additional work required to pass the federal flammability standards. Also, two-sided mattresses require additional care in the home. They must be flipped and rotated more often, and we recommend doing so at least once a month like the hotel properties do. This will give you a very long life for the mattress, and a great night's sleep for many years. 

All of our hospitality models use our exclusive ComfortFlex, interlocking continuous coil innerspring with our exclusive ComfortGuard 360 degree steel encased perimeter coil system. This system gives proper support for the sleepers even if they are of disproportional weight. Each sleeper is supported by their own coils using as many coils as necessary for a comfortable, supportive sleep while not disturbing the partner. The steel encased perimeter system creates a total mattress support system that allows the sleeper to have edge to edge comfort unlike other systems that have unusable foam edges. The steel ComfortGuard system also gives the user the firmest edge support system so when they sleep all the way to the edge or continuously sit on the edge, the edge holds up for years and will not break down like foam edge guards.


We start with our ComfortFlex continuous coil system that ensures each sleeper is supported by as many coils as needed to keep them in their most comfortable correct posture for a supportive night’s sleep. We use our superior insulation system to ensure that the soft cushioning materials don’t sink into the innerspring, providing a longer usable life of the mattress. Then we put on a firm layer of supportive polyurethane foam topped with two layers of cushioning material quilted into a tough yet beautiful cover. This combination of cushioning gives the sleeper a firm sleeping surface with a softer initial feel. Remember, this is a two-sided mattress for additional comfort and usable life.


Our unique ComfortFlex interlocking continuous coil system ensures that people of disproportional weight are properly supported while not disturbing their sleeping partner. We use our superior insulation system to ensure that the soft cushioning materials don’t sink into the innerspring. That provides a longer usable life of the mattress.

We place a firm layer of comfort cushioning under our luxurious cover which is quilted to two layers for a comfortable, softer feel. This will give the sleeper a soft initial feel while providing firm support underneath. This is also a two-sided mattress that is preferred by the hospitality industry so that the mattress can be turned often and have a longer useful life in a very tough hospitality environment.


Our Hospitality model starts with our firmest ComfortFlex continuous coil system with the unique ComfortGuard side support system for the most supportive innerspring available.

The side support system gives you the most useable room on any mattress by allowing you edge-to-edge sleeping area. Then we place a very firm layer of polyurethane to complement the firm innerspring for a remarkably firm supportive sleep system.

We top this sleep system off with two softer comfort layers quilted to an attractive but strong and comfortable cover for a soft initial feel but a firm supportive mattress. We build this mattress the same on both sides for more comfort and durability.
Prices start at $649.95 for a Twin Mattress and range up to $1499.95 for a King Mattress Set